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I had to share this very worthy organisation with you. I adopted Tilly Linley (formerly Mary) from the Archway branch in London, 2 years ago (see below) and she has completely rescued me.

This is Tilly Linley in collage pictures that I have made of her with my good friends cats, one of whom is a Cats Protection Sponsor, Mrs S and the other kindly introduced me to Cats Protection – Lady C.

Tilly Linley is the Black Short Haired Domestic cat, which I am told are not as readily adopted as other breeds of cats and I feel great sadness for this for Black Cats.

Tilly Linley and her friends here; Lucy and Skittles also feature on my blog: Cats

Cats Protection website is also extremely helpful for information for caring for cats, as well as a place where you can sponsor cats, adopt cats and also ask advice.

I am extremely grateful; to have been introduced to this organisation and for all of the work that they do in helping our feline friends.

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Cats – The beautiful Lucy, Tilly and Skittles

Ever since I can remember, I have adored animals, from cats, dogs, goldfish and horses, to gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs. We have always had animals who owned us in our family and some members of my family even have a beautiful Black Angora rabbit.

I do believe that until you can love an animal, you cannot love other people and this is the theme in a new film coming out called Kedi, which I am dying to see, looks beautifully shot and very endearing.


Another great cat film is Street Cat Named Bob (also a book)


In fact, my favourite London theatre show as a child was Cats The Musical (fond memories). I also had a Black cat at that time called Licorice, because of her amazing fur; Black on the outside, or tabby and Brown on the inside.


Currently, my Black domestic short haired cat called Tilly Linley owns me and I adopted her from Cats Protection In January 2014 and she has  thoroughly changed my life and rescued me.

Tilly Linley (AKA Princess Nibbles Taylor-Loft, which is hilarious with links to Taylor-Swift. Mr PP, say no more  😂  Taylor-Swift-revenge-nerdsMini)  Is the baby in my life. I heard about Cats Protection and adopting a rescue cat from my very good friend Lady C and here is her beautiful cat below, called Skittles (AKA Princes Bubbles Catogen – Smythe), also in a collage (graphics produced by me from scratch in Adobe Photoshop) together with Tilly, since Tilly and Skittles, nor Tilly and Lucy (AKA Princess Whiskers Purville – De Mimsy Pawpington and featured in the opening picture with Tilly) will probably never ever meet. It is a lovely way to see them together. In fact it was also Lady C’s idea to do the collages, so thank you so much sweetie. This shot of Skittles by Lady C is extremely good in composition and lighting and was such great quality to work with. She definitely has an eye for photography, like her father Mr T had. Lady C has also said the same of me and I am very flattered and will look into taking more photos with a quality camera some day soon.


The collage at the head of the post is Tilly with the delightful Princess Lucy (AKA Princess Whiskers Purville – De Mimsy Pawpington), whose name was derived in a very funny Summer Cat Sponsorship New Summer 2017 magazine published by Cats Protection, which you get a free copy of, if you are a Cats Protection Sponsor, like my very good friends Mr C and Mrs S are, who are and are now owned by Princess Lucy.

These collage images demonstrate my love of producing and creating graphics from scratch and as such, I produced a graphic for Cats protection for their #iheartmycat campaign, idea courtesy of Mrs S from her Cats Protection magazine and I posted it to their (Cats Protection) Twitter and Facebook account here:



Low and behold, last month, Mrs S and Mr F surprised me by showing me their current Summer 2017 magazine published by Cats Protection that they had received and asked me if the cat published in the #iheartmycat section was Tilly. YES, I exclaimed, overjoyed and proud, it was Tilly and I showed them the original photo that I had used to create the image for the #iheartmycat post and Cats Protection Summer 2017 publication. I am so proud of her and despite being amongst the most unpopular type of cats (Black cats) to adopt from rescue centres, there she was, the very first picture published in the magazine.

Facebook post of the #iheartmycat campaign and discovery of it on Tilly’s Facebook page


Original image of Tilly Linley that I used in the #iheartmycat campaign image


I will always adore her, as I have all of my cats and animals that I have met, loved and cared for. She is responsible for improving my health and wellness and I would highly recommend adopting a cat and not encouraging farming animals.

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