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I am a trained designer and beauty therapist who is rediscovering herself in beauty therapy, writing and design, as well as science, psychology and academics. I live in the capital of England, London Town and I have done most of my life, although travelled. I love to travel, learn new beauty therapy, the arts; art, film, photography, textiles, jewellery, theatre, music, painting and crafts, as well as alternative therapies, science, psychology and spiritualism. Not forgetting animals of course and you will see my beautiful Miss Tilly the short haired domestic Black cat featured in my life. I have great friends, family and neighbours, as well as a posse of feline friends about to become news. I have found myself again late in life, with beauty, psychology, science and writing and I am so excited, that I hope this puts a smile on your face too, as it does on mine...Keep reading and watching. Thanks. T & C x

Beauty Therapy career

Having gained 100% in my latest ‘Anatomy and Physiology’ exam for ‘Electrical Body Treatments’ I really feel like I am flying in this chosen career path and I look forward to a bright future in ‘Beauty Therapy’.

It is well known amongst professionals in this industry that a lot of people do not realise that ‘beauty therapy’ is a lot more than surface beauty.

This can be said of people too. There is a lot more to us than just surface beauty and there is also ‘beauty within’. I am sure that people the world over have heard many expressions that express this.

I am a very caring person and this industry appeals to this nature within me. I love making people feel better and sometimes this is visibly instantly, such as with a really good manicure. I recommend Orly.

At the moment, I work as ‘Nail Technician’ in one well-known cosmetics company in England and as a ‘Brow Expert’ or ‘BBX’ in another and I could not be happier. This is where I get the chance to be amongst people of all walks of life, helping them to improve their health and beauty care.

I have come a long way in the last 8 years. This is life. Life is now starting to blossom again. Progressing in this profession has also honed my skills at looking after myself too and for this discovery, I am very grateful and could not have done this without the amazing support of many of the lovely individuals in my life.

London can be a lonely city, but it is also a city full of opportunity and surprise for all manner of things in life and it is also completely multi-cultural.

I know that there are those ‘others’ that have long since passed that still shine on us that would be very happy to see this.

To me, beauty is the expression of ourselves within, as well as fashions and this should be cherished. It is our health, both inside and outside.

Continuing soon……….


Silversmithing – First Time Designs

During the summer of 2017, I had the pleasure to join a silver jewellery making workshop to do silversmithing for the first time in my life, having wanted to make silver jewellery since my arts foundation at Camberwell School of Art and Crafts, back in 1991.

I was as excitable as a child and found that I took really well to silversmithing and I that I absolutely adore making silver jewellery, as I always imagined I would do.

I hope to make many more designs in the future and may have the opportunity to return to the workshop in September, providing that it does not clash with my Beauty Therapy course that I will be doing at NVQ 3 level. I shall set up a personal workshop/studio at some stage in my life and continue this form of designing and creating in the future.

In the workshop: First I made a simple silver band ring in my ring size. Of course, I had gorgeous nails the whole time, shown here in gold encrusted glitter (Gold Glitter Nails Blog to follow).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is the finished piece:


Then: I made a beautiful spiral adorned pendant in an organic shape and the following slide show presents the process from beginning to end. The silver was made from melting down scraps first, which made a pebble and looks completely alien to the finished piece.

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Finally, at home, I played around with different silver chains to present the final piece and settled on a very chunky silver chain which was left to me by my lovely, late mum Fran Linley.

In a sense, this piece of jewellery and blog is a bit of a tribute in honour of her and her love of silver jewellery.

Here is the finished piece, also shown on a finer chain.

A similar chunky silver chain can be found here: on


Thank you for reading



Triple Shine Nail Polish Review


The Triple Shine Nail Polish by Sally Hansen is available from poundworld and is amazing value for money. I received this as a gift from my gorgeous friend Miss I and I was excited to try this out. I had previously had Maybelline’s Red Excess on my nails (see my Hard as Nails Red Excess blog), which was hard wearing and hence, took a little elbow grease to remove.


This polish in ‘Sparkling Water (colour 360) went on like a fluid gloss should and I was so excited to see the end result. It covered well with 2 coats and gave a gorgeous water shine effect with the Nutra Nail High Gloss Top Coat, that I am currently a huge fan of and is available in Poundland or here at Fragrance Direct. The colour is more of a ‘Peacock Blue’ than ‘Cobalt’ or ‘Ultra-Marine’ blue, like it looks in the bottle and I am very happy about this, as this colouring suits me better and I am a huge fan of  #’Peacock Blue’ (see colour palette below).


Incidentally, I also used the Nutra Nail Bullet Proof Base Coat formula as well and this all gave me a beautiful, glossy, water shine in a gorgeous, glittery, peacock blue.


I am now obsessed with these nails this summer.


The following Images are courtesy of Google Images and inspire in me a mood board for a look based on this nail polish, which will be coming shortly on  my LOOKBOOK.



Thanks for reading.






I had to share this very worthy organisation with you. I adopted Tilly Linley (formerly Mary) from the Archway branch in London, 2 years ago (see below) and she has completely rescued me.

This is Tilly Linley in collage pictures that I have made of her with my good friends cats, one of whom is a Cats Protection Sponsor, Mrs S and the other kindly introduced me to Cats Protection – Lady C.

Tilly Linley is the Black Short Haired Domestic cat, which I am told are not as readily adopted as other breeds of cats and I feel great sadness for this for Black Cats.

Tilly Linley and her friends here; Lucy and Skittles also feature on my blog: Cats

Cats Protection website is also extremely helpful for information for caring for cats, as well as a place where you can sponsor cats, adopt cats and also ask advice.

I am extremely grateful; to have been introduced to this organisation and for all of the work that they do in helping our feline friends.

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Cats – The beautiful Lucy, Tilly and Skittles

Ever since I can remember, I have adored animals, from cats, dogs, goldfish and horses, to gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs. We have always had animals who owned us in our family and some members of my family even have a beautiful Black Angora rabbit.

I do believe that until you can love an animal, you cannot love other people and this is the theme in a new film coming out called Kedi, which I am dying to see, looks beautifully shot and very endearing.


Another great cat film is Street Cat Named Bob (also a book)


In fact, my favourite London theatre show as a child was Cats The Musical (fond memories). I also had a Black cat at that time called Licorice, because of her amazing fur; Black on the outside, or tabby and Brown on the inside.


Currently, my Black domestic short haired cat called Tilly Linley owns me and I adopted her from Cats Protection In January 2014 and she has  thoroughly changed my life and rescued me.

Tilly Linley (AKA Princess Nibbles Taylor-Loft, which is hilarious with links to Taylor-Swift. Mr PP, say no more  😂  Taylor-Swift-revenge-nerdsMini)  Is the baby in my life. I heard about Cats Protection and adopting a rescue cat from my very good friend Lady C and here is her beautiful cat below, called Skittles (AKA Princes Bubbles Catogen – Smythe), also in a collage (graphics produced by me from scratch in Adobe Photoshop) together with Tilly, since Tilly and Skittles, nor Tilly and Lucy (AKA Princess Whiskers Purville – De Mimsy Pawpington and featured in the opening picture with Tilly) will probably never ever meet. It is a lovely way to see them together. In fact it was also Lady C’s idea to do the collages, so thank you so much sweetie. This shot of Skittles by Lady C is extremely good in composition and lighting and was such great quality to work with. She definitely has an eye for photography, like her father Mr T had. Lady C has also said the same of me and I am very flattered and will look into taking more photos with a quality camera some day soon.


The collage at the head of the post is Tilly with the delightful Princess Lucy (AKA Princess Whiskers Purville – De Mimsy Pawpington), whose name was derived in a very funny Summer Cat Sponsorship New Summer 2017 magazine published by Cats Protection, which you get a free copy of, if you are a Cats Protection Sponsor, like my very good friends Mr C and Mrs S are, who are and are now owned by Princess Lucy.

These collage images demonstrate my love of producing and creating graphics from scratch and as such, I produced a graphic for Cats protection for their #iheartmycat campaign, idea courtesy of Mrs S from her Cats Protection magazine and I posted it to their (Cats Protection) Twitter and Facebook account here:



Low and behold, last month, Mrs S and Mr F surprised me by showing me their current Summer 2017 magazine published by Cats Protection that they had received and asked me if the cat published in the #iheartmycat section was Tilly. YES, I exclaimed, overjoyed and proud, it was Tilly and I showed them the original photo that I had used to create the image for the #iheartmycat post and Cats Protection Summer 2017 publication. I am so proud of her and despite being amongst the most unpopular type of cats (Black cats) to adopt from rescue centres, there she was, the very first picture published in the magazine.

Facebook post of the #iheartmycat campaign and discovery of it on Tilly’s Facebook page


Original image of Tilly Linley that I used in the #iheartmycat campaign image


I will always adore her, as I have all of my cats and animals that I have met, loved and cared for. She is responsible for improving my health and wellness and I would highly recommend adopting a cat and not encouraging farming animals.

Follow Tilly on Facebook here:


Follow Tilly on Instagram here:


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Hard As Nails – Red Excess


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This nail lacquer product by Maybelline and it’s ‘Color Show’ range in Crystallize is really hard wearing and perfect for London girls.

I found that it is so hard wearing, it could take all of the bumps, scratches and scrapes that most other nail polishes are ruined by. The surface and finish of this polish resists scratches and chips really well, although it does need a few coats of top coat to get a nice shine on it, unless you want the more matt crystallized effect that is characteristic of the polish.

I recommend that you prepare the nails well with a good manicure, removing any grease on the nails before applying a base coat, to act as a glue for the polish and prevent staining. Then apply two coats of polish, which also dries quite quickly (good for those fast paced girls in a hurry) and then finish with two coats of a good top coat for added shine.

For best result, see a beauty therapist and avoid manicures more than once per week.

Chrystallize in Red Excess by Mabelline Color Show



Image Credit above: Google Image

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Blooming Lovely!


It happens every year with flowers throughout the year at different intervals and so….

….I have decided to start a more professional and polished blog here today, that I will post to at intervals, inspired by friends that I have met along the way to becoming a qualified beauty therapist and taking a little inspiration from my self, my enthusiasm for fashion, beauty and design and the changing world around me.

This blog is about beauty found from within as well as beauty found on the outside.

“You have found yourself” a friend said today and after many years of useful searching, researching, training and experience, I find myself in the best profession that I could hope for; the beauty profession. This is now my passion and I really honestly love it!

I draw on my knowledge and experience of the health industry, computer science, the arts and design to bring together a blog that I hope will inspire some and bring a smile to others faces.

I do believe in late bloomers and I feel that I am one of them. I also believe it is never too late. I only wish I had found this vocation earlier in life, but then I would not have as much knowledge, experience and training to bring to the mix.


my favorite "doodle by andre"


'It's Never Too Late' Framed Wall Art.

George Elliot.



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My first blog post

Welcome to the very start of my blog, with my very first post with a little light show to get you relaxed and in the mood for future posts and a beautiful panorama of the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is the space that I will use to write blogs for you that will be rolling to express ideas, looks, beauty treatments and products, as well as art and design, that will hopefully inspire you and uplift you.

I hope that you enjoy my blogs, as much as I do writing them and creating images for them.

The following look was something that I played with and created today, involving a lovely Pink ikat printed summer dress from Asda, French Connection sandals in Dusky Pink, some hair chalk and minimal makeup over self tan with bronzing pearls and Maybelline lipstick and nails (see Hard as Nails Blog).

collage Ikat Look

I got into more detail with ‘looks’ in my blog on Lookbook for outfits.

Here, within this blog space, I will test drive products and go into much more detail in future with the beauty products involved and and inspiration with completed looks.

Pink Ikat Dress Asda

Dusky Pink suede sandals 2010 – French Connection

Silver jewellery – handmade by me

Silver stainless steel watch – River Island

Nails – Maybelline Colour Show ‘Chrystalise’ in Red Excess

Self Tan mousse – Ibiza honey (dark) and tanning mitt

Bronzing Pearls – Poundland

Mascara – L’Oreal Paris Mega Volume Miss Manga Punky Noir (Black) TK MAXX

Lip-gloss – Maybelline color pump in Pink – colour 10 – Poundland

Hair chalk in Blue, Green and Yellow – Poundland



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Miss’s quotes


“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”— George Eliot