I am a trained designer, graphic artist and beauty therapist, born in England into a multi cultural life, mostly inspired by London and the other countries and cities that I have travelled to.

I am rediscovering myself within beauty therapy, writing and design.

I live in the capital of England, London Town and have done most of my life, although I have also travelled.

I love travel, beauty therapy, the arts; film, photography, textiles, jewellery, theatre, music, painting and crafts, as well as alternative therapy and spiritualism, not forgetting animals of course and you will see my beautiful Miss Tilly Linley, the short haired domestic Black cat featured throughout my life.

I have great friends, family and neighbours, as well as a posy of feline friends and a little dog, all about to become news.

I have found myself again, late in life, beauty and writing and I am so excited, that I hope this puts a smile on your face….Keep reading and watching and thanks.