Triple Shine Nail Polish Review


The Triple Shine Nail Polish by Sally Hansen is available from poundworld and is amazing value for money. I received this as a gift from my gorgeous friend Miss I and I was excited to try this out. I had previously had Maybelline’s Red Excess on my nails (see my Hard as Nails Red Excess blog), which was hard wearing and hence, took a little elbow grease to remove.


This polish in ‘Sparkling Water (colour 360) went on like a fluid gloss should and I was so excited to see the end result. It covered well with 2 coats and gave a gorgeous water shine effect with the Nutra Nail High Gloss Top Coat, that I am currently a huge fan of and is available in Poundland or here at Fragrance Direct. The colour is more of a ‘Peacock Blue’ than ‘Cobalt’ or ‘Ultra-Marine’ blue, like it looks in the bottle and I am very happy about this, as this colouring suits me better and I am a huge fan of  #’Peacock Blue’ (see colour palette below).


Incidentally, I also used the Nutra Nail Bullet Proof Base Coat formula as well and this all gave me a beautiful, glossy, water shine in a gorgeous, glittery, peacock blue.


I am now obsessed with these nails this summer.


The following Images are courtesy of Google Images and inspire in me a mood board for a look based on this nail polish, which will be coming shortly on  my LOOKBOOK.



Thanks for reading.




2 thoughts on “Triple Shine Nail Polish Review

  1. sportsdiva64

    I love these colors! Sally Hansen has really packaged her nail polish in a nice sleek bottle. You can actually see the color. Blue is my favorite color but usually for nail polishes I do reds or plums. Might try this color for fall. Thanks for this post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. beaulisciousbeauty Post author

      Thanks sportsdiva64. Yes, the bottle is gorgeous and true to the colour on the nails too. I am usually a warm nail polish girl too, but this colour is very glamorous and feminine in this colour and with the sparkles. I am glad that you like the post and are thinking of trying this polish and a new look.



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