Silversmithing – First Time Designs

During the summer of 2017, I had the pleasure to join a silver jewellery making workshop to do silversmithing for the first time in my life, having wanted to make silver jewellery since my arts foundation at Camberwell School of Art and Crafts, back in 1991.

I was as excitable as a child and found that I took really well to silversmithing and I that I absolutely adore making silver jewellery, as I always imagined I would do.

I hope to make many more designs in the future and may have the opportunity to return to the workshop in September, providing that it does not clash with my Beauty Therapy course that I will be doing at NVQ 3 level. I shall set up a personal workshop/studio at some stage in my life and continue this form of designing and creating in the future.

In the workshop: First I made a simple silver band ring in my ring size. Of course, I had gorgeous nails the whole time, shown here in gold encrusted glitter (Gold Glitter Nails Blog to follow).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This is the finished piece:


Then: I made a beautiful spiral adorned pendant in an organic shape and the following slide show presents the process from beginning to end. The silver was made from melting down scraps first, which made a pebble and looks completely alien to the finished piece.

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Finally, at home, I played around with different silver chains to present the final piece and settled on a very chunky silver chain which was left to me by my lovely, late mum Fran Linley.

In a sense, this piece of jewellery and blog is a bit of a tribute in honour of her and her love of silver jewellery.

Here is the finished piece, also shown on a finer chain.

A similar chunky silver chain can be found here: on


Thank you for reading



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