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I had to share this very worthy organisation with you. I adopted Tilly Linley (formerly Mary) from the Archway branch in London, 2 years ago (see below) and she has completely rescued me.

This is Tilly Linley in collage pictures that I have made of her with my good friends cats, one of whom is a Cats Protection Sponsor, Mrs S and the other kindly introduced me to Cats Protection – Lady C.

Tilly Linley is the Black Short Haired Domestic cat, which I am told are not as readily adopted as other breeds of cats and I feel great sadness for this for Black Cats.

Tilly Linley and her friends here; Lucy and Skittles also feature on my blog: Cats

Cats Protection website is also extremely helpful for information for caring for cats, as well as a place where you can sponsor cats, adopt cats and also ask advice.

I am extremely grateful; to have been introduced to this organisation and for all of the work that they do in helping our feline friends.

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