Blooming Lovely!


It happens every year with flowers throughout the year at different intervals and so….

….I have decided to start a more professional and polished blog here today, that I will post to at intervals, inspired by friends that I have met along the way to becoming a qualified beauty therapist and taking a little inspiration from my self, my enthusiasm for fashion, beauty and design and the changing world around me.

This blog is about beauty found from within as well as beauty found on the outside.

“You have found yourself” a friend said today and after many years of useful searching, researching, training and experience, I find myself in the best profession that I could hope for; the beauty profession. This is now my passion and I really honestly love it!

I draw on my knowledge and experience of the health industry, computer science, the arts and design to bring together a blog that I hope will inspire some and bring a smile to others faces.

I do believe in late bloomers and I feel that I am one of them. I also believe it is never too late. I only wish I had found this vocation earlier in life, but then I would not have as much knowledge, experience and training to bring to the mix.


my favorite "doodle by andre"


'It's Never Too Late' Framed Wall Art.

George Elliot.



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